Luxury Zippers | Rubi Star

The teeth are made of premium brass, mounted and fixed on tape one by one. A particular polishing of the tooth gives a perfectly smooth chain, pleasant to touch. Luxury zippers look fantastic on leather goods, garments and high fashion. Available with the slider running in both directions.

Luxury and premium zipper

Available sizes: 3 (4,3mm) | 5 (6mm) | 8 (8mm)

Use for: shoes | accessories | garments | bags

Available Sizes

Chain Finishes


Nickel Free


Old Copper

Old Brass


Matt Nickel Free

Matt Nickel

Matt Gold

Light Gold

Gun Metal




Matt Black

Black Nickel

Premium zippers finish includes a protection laquer. 

Tapes for Rubi Star


Luxe Gold

Luxe Silver


Shiny Gomata

Green Life Zipper Tape

Made from 100% recycled polyester and another materials such as discarted fabrics, plastics and fibers the recycled zipper has born to reduce the impact to the enviroment. Increasing the eco-friendly value of your company. 


Item Variation for Rubi Star Zippers

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