Metal Glow Zippers

Glow is the perfect zipper to improve your garments, it combines the luxe appearance with the smoothest functionality.  Teeth finish is very shiny with higher corrosion resistance compared to regular metal zipper.  Chain strength is same as that of standard metal zippers. In addition, a wide range of finishes, styles and sliders are also available.

High quality product.

Available sizes:
3 (4,3mm) | 5 (6mm) | 8 (8mm)

Use for:
jeans | shoes | accessories | garments | bags


Glow Chain Polishes

No polished

Straight form the teeth stamping machine. Ideal for basic items.

12 wheels

Basic polish removing imperfections from the teeth stamping machine.

24 wheels

Paper wheel polish. Similar Rubi Star shape one by one teeth. Smooth movement.


Diamond polished teeth special for super shiny and premium finish. Smooth movement.

Chain Finishes

Light Gold

Lemon Gold

Gun Metal



Antique Silver

Antique Brass

Nickel Free

Tapes for Metal Zippers



Luxe Silver

Luxe Gold

Green Indigo

Brown Indigo

Blue Indigo

Yellow Indigo





Green Life Zipper Tape

Made from 100% recycled polyester and another materials such as discarted fabrics, plastics and fibers the recycled zipper has born to reduce the impact to the enviroment. Increasing the eco-friendly value of your company. 


Item Variation for Glow Zippers

*We cannot guarantee the performance of the fastener after being subject to certain processes. Our suggestion is to test your process in a production environment to ensure the finishing techniques are correct and meet the desired expectation for your particular application.

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